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Shooting - Silver Program

3 legendary firearms, 2 infamous hand guns, 41 shots

Shot Gun | M16 | AK-47 | Glock 9mm | .357 Magnum

As well as three legendary firearms from the Bronze package, test your marksmanship with two of the most infamous handguns around.

The .357 Magnum is a powerful stainless steel revolver with a 4 inch barrel. When first produced it was hailed as the most powerful handgun in the world. Famous for its immense stopping power, the .357 magnum became the weapon of choice for police departments, FBI and game hunters alike. Today the handgun is still in use for competition, personal defence and hunting. Packing a colossal punch, this mighty handgun creates a sensory overload when fired due to its heavy recoil, loud bang and muzzle blast.

The Glock 9mm is one of the top performing handguns in the world for safety and reliability and for this reason has been adopted by law enforcement agencies and armed forces across the world. Unlike the Magnum, this semi-automatic pistol is light to carry, due to its polymer frame, has short recoil, and is easier to control when firing.

The pump action shot gun, made famous in the Terminator films, is a fast loading, smooth operating shot gun with great versatility & power. This truly devastating weapon in close quarters is much faster than other shotguns as it does not require the trigger hand to be removed from the trigger while reloading. Its simple design means it can take a wide range of cartridges of different loads, and is popular with the military due to its ability to operate even when dirty.

Feel your excitement rising as you take position, aim and shoot. The noise is deafening, the recoil powerful and intense. Pump the fore-end to reload, watch the spent cartridge fly into the air, aim, shoot and repeat! Arnold Schwarzenegger; eat your heart out!

On top of this, you get to experience two of the most popular assault rifles in the world, the Russian AK-47 and the American M16.

The M16 was the US military’s standard service rifle for many years, having seen service in the Vietnam War, Gulf war, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The AK-47, aka Kalashnikov, produced in the hundreds of millions and adopted by many countries as their standard service rifle, has seen service in a multitude of wars and is still in operation today.

Shooting Range Photo Gallery.

To book this program or for more information, including prices, please email us at  or call: +420 286 840 500

Program includes:

    - Welcome and registration

    - Safety briefing and weapon handling instruction

    - Pump Action Shot Gun - 5 shots

    - M16 - 10 shots

    - AK-47 - 10 shots

    - Glock 9mm - 10 shots

    - .357 Magnum Revolver - 6 shots

    - Professional, friendly instructor

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Further information:

Total duration: approximately 1-2 hours

Availability: All year round (during daylight hours).

Spectators are not permitted during this event.

This program is not suitable for people with heart and blood circulation problems.