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Incentives - Tanks & Guns

It is no secret that engaged, satisfied people deliver great performance and there is no better way to thank high performers than through unique, once in a lifetime experiences.

Off Road Action offers bespoke, high adrenaline action programs for 10 to 250+ people at our Off Road area 30 km from Prague. Inspire and reward your team with a range of exhilarating incentive programs that can be enjoyed on their own or combined together to make a truly memorable, emotionally charged event.

During the half-day, whole-day or multiple day programs your team, clients and business partners will see their adrenaline levels rise and hearts race as they enjoy exhilarating experiences such as;

    • Battle tank driving across muddy fields and varied terrain
    • Riding into battle on a BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle
    • Abseiling from a helicopter, after performing stunt flight manoeuvres in the air
    • Flying across the horizon in a Mig fighter jet
    • Shooting real guns with live ammunition under the expert guidance of professional fire-arm instructors
    • Off road driving in huge 6x6, heavy duty army truckss
    • Dodging bullets, securing objectives & defending collateral in high adrenaline paintball battles
    • Military special effects and stunt coordination
    • Combat Search and rescue operations
    • Action movie making
    • SWAT anti-terrorism training and mission

    All programs are designed to deliver maximum fun within a safe environment

    To start building your tailor made program or for more information, please email us at  or call: +420 286 840 500