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Land Rover   Series III

General Specifications
Produced 1971-1985
Length 3.6 m (SWB)
4.5 m (LWB)
Width 1.68 m
Height 1.97 m (SWB)
2.05 m (LWB)
Wheelbase 2.2 m (SWB)
2.8 m (LWB)
Engine and Mobility
Engine 2.25L 73hp (54kw) (Petrol)
2.25L 62hp (46kw) (Diesel)
2.6L 86hp (64kw) (Petrol)
3.5L 91hp (68kw) V8 (Petrol)
Transmission 4 speed manual main transmission
2 speed manual transfer gearbox
Selectable 4-wheel drive

Land Rovers were first built in 1947 after the end of the Second World War. Rover, the British luxury car manufacturer, based their design on the American ‘Willys’ jeep. The first Land Rover was named the Series I and was manufactured between 1948 and 1958. The series II followed between 1958 & 1971.

The Land Rover Series III replaced the Series II with minor improvements to engine power, comfort and mobility and was produced between 1971 and 1985. The SIII was the most popular of the Land Rover Series vehicles, with 440,000 built over 14 years of production; it was also the most comfortable.

Notably, the Landy series 3 was the last model produced with the old 2 wheel drive with selectable 4-wheel drive system. The subsequent Land Rover ‘Defender’ models were equipped with permanent 4-wheel drive.

Today, the Land Rover Series III is a popular vehicle for developing superior off road driving skills, due to its antiquated selectable 4 wheel drive system.