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ZiL-131   Russian Army Truck

General Specifications
Produced 1966-1994
Length 7.04 m
Width 2.49 m
Height 2.97 m
Weight 6.7 tons (empty)
Engine and Mobility
Engine V8 Petrol 150 hp
Suspension Solid axles with leaf springs
Max. speed 80 km/h
Transmission 5 speed x 2 range transfer case

In 1967, the ZiL-131 replaced the long serving ZiL-157 as the Soviet’s standard general purpose military truck.

It retained key features that made the ZiL-157 so successful, such as the 6x6 wheeled drive system, but was designed to cope with much heavier payloads of 3.5 tons off road and up to 5 tons on road.

Upgraded with a bigger flatbed trailer to accommodate more supplies, as well as a V8 engine, capable of 150hp and a top road speed of 80km/h, the ZiL-131 remained in service for almost 30 years, with near to 1 million vehicles manufactured.

The ZiL-131 was an extremely versatile design with a number of variants produced for different purposes, including a civilian version, the ZiL-130, a dump truck, ZiL-131D, a towing truck, ZiL-131V as well as serving as a platform for a mobile rocket launcher.

In 1995 the ZiL-131 was replaced by the ZiL-4334, which is still in service in the Russian Army today.