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Kub Surface-to-Air Missile System 'SA6 Gainful'

The SA6 Kub mobile surface-to-air missile system is a Soviet low to medium-level air defence system designed to protect ground forces from air attack. 

General Specifications
Type 2K12 Kub
Nickname   Three fingers of death
Variants 3M9, 3M9M1, 3M9M3, 3M9M4
Wars   Yom Kippur War, Gulf War,
Lebanon War, Yugoslav War,
Iraq-Iran War
Main Weapon   3 rockets (middle distance)
Rocket Length 5.8 m
Diameter 335 mm
Weight 600 kg
Distance 23.5 km
Speed 2.8 Mach
Warhead weight 59 kg


More information about the vehicle

The missile is designed primarily to destroy aircraft, helicopters and missiles with low to medium altitudes. Development began in the 1950s in the USSSR and the system was first used in 1967. The 2K12 KUBs surprised the Israelis in the 1973 Yom Kippur War when they shot down slower A-4 Sky hawk jets and even F-4 Phantoms. All together around 40 aircraft were shot down. Today the system is still used in several countries, including Czech Republic, where it continues to be the main ground to air defence.

Countries still using the 'SA6 GAINFUL'
Armenia, Bosna and Harzegovina, Bulgaria, Chad, Cuba, Czech Republic, Egypt, Hungaria, India, Iran, Libya, Masambik, Burma, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Syria, Vietnam.

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