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bundled packages


Unsure which program to choose? Try one of our bundled packages.

A combination of our most popular and exciting activities, grouped together to form one truly unforgettable experience.

To book a program or for more information, including prices, please email us at  or call: +420 286 840 500


    • Action Day Standard - BMP-1 Tank Taxi-ride, Yamaha Grizzly Quad Bike adventure, Paintball in the forest, military museum tour, lunch
    • Action Day Premium - BMP-1 Tank Driving, Yamaha Grizzly Quad Bike adventure, Multiple Paintball battles & scenarios, military museum tour, lunch
    • Army Drill - BMP-1 Tank Taxi-ride, Army boot-camp, military museum tour
    • Off Road Evolution - Drive 3 types of Off Road vehicles; Land Rover series III, Russian Truck Zil, Yamaha Grizzly Quad Bike