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At our off road military area and tank driving base just 30 km from Prague, take a step back in time as you discover the awesome power of driving a Russian tank! Following a short tutorial about the vehicle, your excitement is unleashed as you sit in the drivers seat and navigate the vehicle across rough terrain, always in the company of our experienced instructor.

After this exhilarating experience, you will be brought back to earth with a guided tour of our military museum where you can see a range of military vehicles and weapons including: T-34, T-55, T-72 Tanks, BRDM, BTR Armoured Personnel Carriers as well as an original soviet rocket carrier.

To book a program or for more information, including pricing, please email us at  or call: +420 286 840 500

Tank Driving Programs:

  • BMP-1 Tank Driving - Take command of a Russian Armoured Personnel Carrier, the easiest of our tanks to drive.
  • VT-55 Recovery Tank Driving - Learn to drive a battle tank in this driver training tank. The cockpit and driver experience are the same as a real battle tank.
  • T-55 or T-55AM2 Tank Driving with canons (type depending on availability). Experience the extreme thrill of driving a real battle tank.
  • T-55AM2 or T-72 Tank Driving with canons (type depending on availability). After being trained on and driving a VT-55/T-55C driver training tank you then take over one of our prized main battle tanks.

Possible Upgrades:

Supplement your experience with one of our thrilling live ammunition shooting packages

Order a DVD and become the hero of your own action movie!

Additional Information:

All year around with English speaking professional instructors.