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BMP-1 Tank ride & paintball

Immerse yourself in battle with this perfect military combination of paintball and tanks. Can you think of a better way to spend your time?

Jump aboard the BMP-1 light infantry tank and imagine your-self going into battle as the tank rocks and shakes you across the bumpy terrain, your adrenaline rising with expectation of what’s to come.

You arrive at insertion point Alpha, jump out and find yourself immersed in a fast and furious paintball skirmish. The next few hours are spent in battle with friends and colleagues, playing out a number of thrilling paintball scenarios.

At the end of the day you can wind down with a guided tour of our military museum where you will see a range of military vehicles and weapons including: T-34, T-55, T-72 Tanks, OT-64 Armoured Personnel Carriers as well as an original soviet rocket carrier.

Tank Ride Photo Gallery.

Paintball Photo Gallery.

To book this program or for more information, including prices, please email us at  or call: +420 286 840 500

Program includes:

    - Welcome & registration

    - 30 minute ride in BMP-1 light infantry tank

    - 1-4 hours paintball, different scenarios

    - 200 paintballs (more can be purchased on the day)

    - Hire of paintball equipment (paintball gun, protective mask, goggles, overalls, gloves)

    - Paintball instructor

    - Tour of military museum

    Necessary Requirements

      - Minimum 16 years of age

      - Good state of health

    Possible upgrades:

    Order a DVD and become the hero of your own action movie!

    Further information:

    Total duration: approximately 3 - 5 hours.

    Availability: Program takes place on announced dates.

    Please wear comfortable outdoor clothing which can get dirty, suitable for the weather expected, with strong boots or trekking shoes.

    Spectators are not allowed during this event