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Shooting - Soviet Program

7 legendary Soviet firearms - 56 shots

Spagin submachine gun | SA-58 battle rifle | AK-47 assault rifle | CZ-85 9mm semi-automatic pistol | TT33 Tokarev semi-automatic pistol | Skorpion VZ-61 7.65mm machine pistol | Druganov Sniper Rifle .308

Experience Soviet firearms at their best, from close quarter combat weapons to deadly accurate, long distance sniper rifles. The Soviet program is a high octane, multi-sensory experience similar to the Gold program, but solely with weapons from the Soviet Red Army.

The Spagin is a cheap, reliable submachine gun, used extensively by the Soviet Armed forces in World War II and by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

The SA58 battle rifle is an extremely reliable assault rifle.

The AK-47, aka Kalashnikov, produced in the hundreds of millions and adopted by many countries as their standard service rifle, has seen service in a multitude of wars and is still in operation today.

The CZ 85 is a semiautomatic pistol, manufactured in the former Czechoslovakia , known for its long service life and reliability.

The TT33 Tokarev semi-automatic service pistol saw service in World War II, Vietnam War and the Korean War.

The Skorpion VZ 61 is a Czechoslovak 7.65mm machine pistol, used predominantly by Special Forces in the former Czechoslovakia but also as a sidearm for lower ranking military personnel. The weapon has been popular in the past with armed groups and criminal gangs.

The Druganov sniper rifle .308 was originally designed as a long range infantry support weapon during a time when submachine guns and assault rifles were the Red Army’s weapon of choice due to their close combat and rapid fire capabilities. It was not meant for specialized snipers but used instead by designated marksmen supporting infantry squads with rapid, accurate fire support on enemy targets from range.

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To book this program or for more information, including prices, please email us at  or call: +420 286 840 500

Program includes:

    - Welcome and registration

    - Safety briefing and weapon handling instruction

    - Spagin submachine gun - 5 shots

    - SA-58 battle rifle - 10 shots

    - AK-47 assault rifle - 10 shots

    - CZ 85 Semi-automatic 9mm pistol - 10 shots

    - TT33 Tokarev semi-automatic pistol - 6 shots

    - Skorpion VZ 61 7.65mm machine pistol - 10 shots

    - Druganov .308 Sniper Rifle - 5 shots

    - Professional, friendly instructor

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Further information:

Total duration: approximately 1-2 hours

Availability: All year round (during daylight hours).

Spectators are not permitted during this event.

This program is not suitable for people with heart and blood circulation problems.