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Reviews - Individuals and small groups


Absolutely a positive experience here! Driving a BVP, being extra passengers, having the staff's attention and above all - having fun! This business is led by a professional with his heart and soul devoted to it! No doubt! We haven't met a person like him before. Thanks Martin and your team!

Iveta Halová, June 19 (Facebook)

Brilliant Experience would go again 100%

Had just the best time here. The staff were really nice and welcoming, came and picked us up from our air bnb we were staying in and dropped us back off at the airport when we were done. They took the time to make sure we were happy with the experience we had. Shot 3 kinds of guns and drove in a tank for a very reasonable price. Also had some history about the equipment that was used. All in all a really good time and such good fun. For any Brit’s visiting Prague for the first time it’s highly recommended.

Sam B, May 19 (TripAdvisor)

Geburtstag Panzer- und Quad fahren geschenkt

Wir haben unserem daddy zum Geburtstag Panzer- und Quad fahren geschenkt. Es war einfach genial und für meinen Papa das schönste Geschenk was er sich hätte denken können. Der Inhaber, Martin hat uns super beraten und so wurde der Tag zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis für alle die dabei waren. Ich kann Martin nur weiterempfehlen. 👍

imone Schäfer, November 18 (Facebook)

Best off-road driving experience

We were a group of 6 friends (college buddies) all in our early 40’s on a trip to Europe. This was by far the best day of our entire trip. I got in touch with Martin 2 weeks prior to our trip and he and his team were super helpful in answering all our questions and guiding us in the process. Read more >

Poojabhi2001, May19 (TripAdvisor)

Super offroading

Super offroading, terénní polygon v Milovicích je opravdu rozsáhlý a každý, kdo má rád terén si tu hodně užije. Tým společnosti Offroad Action je složen z lidí, kteří své práci rozumí a mají ji rádi. Jízda s Defenderem je velký zážitek, ale největší je, vyhrabávat ho z poctivého Milovického bláta :-)

Franta Wrana, April 18 (Facebook)

SWAT training with the colleagues: a team building never to forget

We went there with 16 colleauges, not knowing what to expect. The owner/instructor immediately made it feel all real by showing up in full gear and making us change into overalls. Step by step we learned some basic techniques about arresting a villian, how to handle a gun (the 4 rules!!!) and the need to cooperate. And then the finale: clearing a building, in full gear, under a time pressure!

ellijack2014, September 17 (TripAdvisor)

Jízdu ve starém Land Roveru

Za mě velmi profesionální přístup. Věnovali mi více času než bylo uvedeno v poukazu. Jízdu ve starém Land Roveru jsem si užil a moc děkuji za krásný kurz jízdy v terénu!

Kuba Kotek, September 19 (Facebook)

Jazda na T55

Nezabudnuteľný zážitok na T55, organizácia a inštruktor na 1.

Dominik Chovy Chovanec, August 19 (Facebook)

La conduite du BMP-1 et le stand de tir.

Vous voulez faire quelques chose hors du commun ? C'est l'endroit rêvé pour l'accomplir !!! Je tiens à remercier toute l'équipe pour l'accueil et leurs professionnalisme . Ainsi qu'à mes amis pour m'avoir offert la conduite du BMP-1 et le stand de tir . Dès que l'occasion ce présentera , je reviendrai !!! ,

Alexis Ricordeau, April 18 (Facebook)

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