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Paintball is a great team activity that provides a fun and enjoyable day! You will battle through woodlands and countryside as you play out several adrenaline-charged scenarios.

Image for page MagFed paintball
MagFed paintball

MagFed is paintball with real looking paintball guns and magazines. Giving the game a real tactical touch.

Image for page Tank ride BMP-1 & Paintball
Tank ride BMP-1 & Paintball

Perfect military combination of paintball and tanks. Jump aboard the BMP-1 light infantry tank and then have fun during the fast and furious paintball skirmish!

Image for page Quad bike & Paintball
Quad bike & Paintball

The combination of two favourite - Quad bike and Paintball together - create an adrenaline filled day of paintball battles and quad adventures.

Image for page The battlefield
The battlefield

This group program combines tanks, assault rifles and an epic MagFed paintball battle into a fantastic "battlefield" day with your friends or colleagues.

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