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Individuals and small groups

Image for page Tank driving
Tank driving

Take a step back in times and discover the awesome power of driving a Soviet tank! Choose between the Infantry fighting Vehicle BMP-1, Recovery tank VT-55 or the most powerful Battle tank T-55 or T-72.

Image for page Tank ride
Tank ride

Experience the thrill of taking a ride across the rough terrain of one of the largest Ex-Soviet army bases of the former Czechoslovakia. Don´t you have the courage to ride this colossus by your own? Sign up as a passenger!

Image for page S.W.A.T.

Experience the unexpected intervention of the S.W.A.T. team or experience for yourself what it is like to be a member of the US Special Police Force. Get to know their tactics, weapons and equipment in extreme adrenaline training.

Image for page Shooting programs
Shooting programs

Do you like action movies, games or you just want to experience life shooting? Choose from a selection of firearms including assault rifles, sniper rifles, revolvers, pistols, shot guns to machine guns.

Image for page 4x4 off-road driving
4x4 off-road driving

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn how to drive a 4x4 off-road vehicle in difficult terrain. Come and get behind the wheel of one of our off-road vehicles, or bring yours, and enjoy off-road driving with an experienced instructor!

Image for page Quad bikes
Quad bikes

Ride at speed around our quad bike circuit of dirt tracks, fields, hills, gullies and muddy banks. Try a 1-hour adrenaline boost, a 3-hour trek or our full off-road day. The adventure awaits you.

Image for page Paintball

Paintball is a great team activity that provides a fun and enjoyable day! You will battle through woodlands and countryside as you play out a number of adrenaline-charged scenarios.

Image for page Bundled packages
Bundled packages

Unsure which program to choose? Try one of our bundled packages. A combination of our most popular and exciting activities, grouped together to form one truly unforgettable experience.

Bundled packages

Image for page 4x4 for two persons
4x4 for two persons

2 different vehicles, 2 persons, 2 different levels of fun & adrenaline: 4x4 off-roader Land Rover & Can Am 650 XT MAX Quad bike!

Image for page Action day STANDARD
Action day STANDARD

Experience a multitude of off-road activities in this ultimate action day package. The thrill of riding a BMP-1 armoured personnel carrier, action quad bike drive, paintball game, army lunch and mostly lot of fun!

Image for page Action day PREMIUM
Action day PREMIUM

Upgrade your “Action day” and experience a multitude of off-road activities in this ultimate Action day PREMIUM package. Drive a BMP-1 armoured personnel carrier and quad bike, play paintball, have lunch in the field and mostly a lot of fun!

Image for page Tanks & Guns
Tanks & Guns

The ultimate Cold War Tank program! Drive 2 different tank types & shoot with seven real Cold War firearms.

Image for page Army drill
Army drill

Soldier beware! Your specialist training has started. Find out what it takes to be an infantry soldier!

Image for page S.W.A.T. team training – PREMIUM
S.W.A.T. team training – PREMIUM

S.W.A.T. training PREMIUM for teams exclusively on your wish date. Became a member of the elite S.W.A.T. team and shoot with modern counter terrorist weapons.

Image for page Stag on tank
Stag on tank

Put the stag into a heavy army challenge with drill, BMP-1 tank driving and shooting of seven Cold War firearms. All friends share the experience with him.

Image for page The battlefield
The battlefield

This group program combines tanks, assault rifles and an epic MagFed paintball battle into a fantastic "battlefield" day with your friends or colleagues.

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