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Tank driving

Image for page Infantry fighting vehicle driving - BMP-1
Infantry fighting vehicle driving - BMP-1

The easiest, but fun tank to drive! The BMP-1 is a Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle, designed to transport infantry fast into battle! Try this power and enjoy it!

Image for page Recovery tank driving - VT-55
Recovery tank driving - VT-55

The Czechoslovakian built VT-55 recovery tank is the first step towards driving a main battle tank. Built on the T-55 hull, but it is lighter and with more space for the driver, making it the perfect driver training vehicle!

Image for page Battle tank driving - STANDARD
Battle tank driving - STANDARD

Try how it feels to drive and operate the powerful Soviet T-55 battle tank. 42tons, real canon and machine gun.

Image for page Battle tank driving - ELITE
Battle tank driving - ELITE

Your personal tank driving lesson awaits you! Feel what it's like to drive & operate a heavily armoured, Soviet T-55 or T-72 battle tank.

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