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Offroad Action Area

Our Offroad Action Area takes place about 30 km in the north – east direction from Prague. Explore up to 200 hectares of diverse off road terrain and enjoy great outdoor experience.

Offroad Action Area is located at one of the largest ex-Soviet army bases of the former Czechoslovakia.

History of Milovice Military Space

The first mention of Milovice's military space appeared more than 110 years ago. Since then, there have been several armies in the area and only the size of the area and its name has changed. In 1904, the area was used by the Austrian army, which has held extensive field exercises and there were also shooting ranges. During the First World War, a prison camp was established between Milovice and Benátecká Vrutice.

In the period between First and Second Worl War, the Czechoslovak army used its premises, mainly training artillery troops. Between the wars, a railway and Boží Dar Airport were built in Milovice.

In 1939, the German army occupied the area and expanded and rebuilt it. They built 4 shooting ranges, a large number of shelters, facilities and engine rooms. There were numerous tests of weapons and ammunition. Until 1968, the militant space served the needs of the Czechoslovak army.

Between 1945 and 1968 the Czechoslovak army again resided here. In 1950, the military camp Vojenský Újezd Mladá was established by the decision of the government, which was subsequently extended.

In 1968 the Czechoslovak army was replaced by Soviet Occupation Army. It was home to the so-called Central Army Group, which had its headquarters here. There were apartment houses, hospitals, schools, shops or cultural activities. Every day a train was circulated to Moscow, radio and newspapers were running.

In 1991 the Soviet Army left the area, later this year the Czechoslovak government decided to abolish the Mladá military ground.


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