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T-55 AM2 Russian Battle tank

This upgrade incorporates most of the improvements carried out in the 80s to some T-55 MBTs operated by the former Warsaw Pact (see T-54/T-55 entry) with the exception of the ability to fire the Russian-designed and built 100 mm laser-guided projectile. 

General Specifications
Crew 4
Length 9 m (with canon)
8.5 m (without)
Width 3.76 m
Height 3.03 m 
Weight 36 tonne (empty)
41-42 tonne (battle ready)
Armour and Armament
Armour 40 - 490 mm,
Armament   1 x 100 mm canon 
Secondary Weapons 1 x 7.62 mm PKT (coaxial) 
1 x 12.7 mm DSchK
Engine & Mobility
Engine Model V-55 M2 12-cyl. 38.88-l diesel
610 hp (456 kW)
Suspension Torsion bar
Max speed > 55 km/h
Power/weight 14,5 hp/tonne
Range 500 km off road
750 km on road


More information about the vehicle

This upgrade retains the 100 mm rifled tank gun but has been improved in the key areas of armour, mobility and firepower. Additional armour has been fitted to the hull and turret to provide for increased protection against mines and anti-tank guided missiles. Other modifications include improvements allowing for more accurate firing, in the dynamic and driving qualities of the vehicle, the engine cooling and an increase in protection of the crew from the effects of mines, anti-tank guided missiles and missiles launched from low-flying aircraft and helicopters.

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