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Army drill

Army drill

Do you have what it takes to be an infantry soldier? Would you like to find out?
The Army Drill program will put you through your paces as you learn the basics of solider life. Ideal for groups of friends, partners, your lazy husband, or talkative wife. Soldier beware! Your specialist training has started! What exactly is included depends on the mood of your commander. Believe us though, you won’t get bored. You will sweat during the drill; you might be under chemical attack; and what if someone gets injured? Will you be able to help them? Get prepared for battle with rifle drills, physical conditioning, chemical attack exercises and battle insertion practice on a combat BMP-1 light infantry tank.
Do you still want to be a soldier?

Program includes:
  • Welcome & registration
  • Drill training (foot drill, US Army cadence, chemical alert drill, face camouflage, assault rifle drill, equipment maintenance drill)
  • Hire of equipment for drill training (helmet, VZ58 assault rifle, gas mask)
  • BMP-1 taxi ride
  • Drill commander
  • Guided tour of tanks and other military vehicle
  • Army drill diploma
Price per person:

1.900,- CZK

Individual prices are not valid for large groups. Please contact us for more information.

More information about the programme
Further information:
  • Total duration: approximately 3 hours
  • Availability: all year round (during daylight hours)
  • Minimum 8 people for private bookings on any available date.
  • For individuals reservations can be made on special dates with other clients. Book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Please wear comfortable outdoor clothing with boots or trekking shoes suitable for the weather expected. Bring spare clothes as you will get dirty!
  • Spectators are not allowed during this event.
Possible upgrades:
  • Exclusivity - possible from 6 participants up (no other clients will participate)
  • Hire of overalls for a small fee
  • Supplement your experience with one of our thrilling live ammunitions shooting packages!
  • Original military fur cap
  • Delicious picknick high class or military style
  • Get a tank driving overall with your name on it (embroiled)
  • Original military “dog tacks” (with your name and birthday)
  • Order a video and become the hero of your own action movie!
  • Transfer from Prague to the area and back
Image for page BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BMP-1 is a Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle. BMP stands for Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty (Russian: Боевая Машина Пехоты), meaning “fighting vehicle of infantry”. The BMP-1 was the world's first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle. It was a revolutionary design combining properties of an armoured personnel carrier and a light tank.

The Soviet military leadership saw any future wars as being conducted with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, where unprotected infantry would soon be either killed or incapacitated by radiation or chemical and biological agents.

A vehicle like the BMP would allow infantry to operate from the relative safety of its armoured, radiation shielded interior in contaminated areas and to fight alongside it in uncontaminated areas. It would increase infantry squad mobility, provide fire support to them, and also be able to fight alongside main battle tanks.

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